First Southern Baptist Church of Wellton
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
...a way in the desert. Isaiah 43:19

Prayer Requests

Please remember to let us know your prayer needs, updates, or if you would like to have a prayer request removed from this list.
  • Please pray for Sherri Turnipseed. (Daughter of Jan Turnipseed)  Sherry is recovering from hip replacement surgery. She is doing great, but still needs our prayers.
  • Prayers for Archie Eugene Burgett. (Chuckie Romero's Son) Eugene is in Barrows Hospital in Phoenix.
  • Prayer for Jason Padgett.  (Peggy & Bob Leeper's Grandson) Jason is doing better but still needs our prayers.
  • Prayer for Matthew Jesse Sullivan.  Matthew is having some health and life problems.
  • Prayer for Julie Anne Gajefsky (Richard & Nancy's Daughter). Julie is having some health problems and needs our prayers.
  • Prayer for safe travel for Michael & Karen Sullivan.
  • Prayer for Del McMinn, Laura Noel's father.  Del had a heart attack.
  • Prayer for Bill Turner, Bill is recovering at home.
  • Please pray for Bobby Foster.  Bobby had a stroke and needs our prayers.
  • Prayer for Robin, friend of Nancy Gajefski.  Robin has breast cancer and is going through chemo.
  • Prayer for Loyd Royal. Loyd is loosing his eye sight.
  • Prayer for Karen Sullivan's Mother.  She is having health problems.
  • Prayer for Jeri Aurin.  Prayers for healing.
  • Prayer for Brenda Cook. (Janet Hill's sister) She was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.
  • Prayer for Kathy Smith. Kathy is having some health concerns.
  • Please pray for Ken White. Ken has health problems
  • Prayer for Kim Biro, (Marj & Ron Pearce's Daughter) Kim is having some health issues.
  • Prayers for Marisa Price. Please pray for salvation for Marisa and Family. (Lavonne Hankin's Niece)
  • Please pray for Kylie Rivera. Kylie is on the Heart Transplant list. Kylie is home for now.
  • Prayer for Cheri, the Bragole's Sister-in-law who has stage 4 lung cancer.
  • Caleb Pratt, Gary Shaw, Steven Gonzalez, Hoss Pratt, Vern HankinsIII, Esmeralda Andrade, and Ryan Hoskins, all serving in the military.
  • On going prayer for health issues, Richard Gajefski, John Burton, Jim Murdock and Bill Dobson.