First Southern Baptist Church of Wellton
Saturday, April 20, 2019

Prayer Requests

Please remember to let us know your prayer needs, updates, or if you would like to have a prayer request removed from this list
  • Please pray for Serina Rasmussen.  Serina is having some health  concerns and needs our prayers.
  • Prayer for Joshua Dale Watson.  Joshua is 36 years old and has brain cancer. Please pray for the Watson family.
  • Prayer for Katelyn Quinonez.  Katelyn broke her ankle playing softball. Katelyn had surgery and is doing well. Please continue to pray for Katelyn.
  • Prayers for Melissa Herrington. (Beverly Herrington's Granddaughter.)  UPDATE:  The doctors have decided that Melissa does not have a brain tumor. It is a cyst.
  • Please pray for Kelly Brown. (Bob & Jerry Bragole's daughter.)  Kelly is having some health problems and going through some medical tests.
  • Prayers for Linda Plumpton. (Michael DelTour's Mom) Linda is having some health issues.
  • Please continue to pray for Judee Butler.  Judee is having chemo treatment.  She is doing good, but needs our prayers!
  • Prayers for Rebecca Young. (Randy & Kim Rinehart's niece) Rebecca (age 38) has cancer and she needs our prayers. Please pray for Rebecca and for her family.
  • Please pray for Carolyn Knowles. (Brad Yorton's sister) Carolyn has been very ill. She needs some tests done and is having problems with her health insurance. Please pray for the approval of her insurance and the Doctors who are seeking a accurate diagnoses.  Please pray for Carolyn to trust in the Lord and to feel his presence.
  • Prayers for Dorothy Rider. Dorothy has cancer .
  • Prayers for Kris Pratt. Kris is having some health problems.
  • Prayer for Lynn & William Hoskins. Lynn & William need our prayers.
  • Prayers for Joe McCraw. Joe had back surgery in Phoenix.  Lilly is with family in Phoenix. UPDATE:  Joe is progressing and they will be home soon. They thank you for your prayers.
  • Prayer for the people of Haiti. There is political unrest.  Many people have lost their lives and our prayers are needed.
  • Prayer Nancy Gajefski. Please pray for everyday strength.
  • Prayer for Loyd Royal. Loyd is loosing his eye sight.
  • Prayer for Kim Biro, (Marj & Ron Pearce's Daughter) Kim is having some health issues.
  • Prayers for Marisa Price. Please pray for salvation for Marisa and Family. (Lavonne Hankin's Niece)
  • Please pray for Kylie Rivera. Kylie is on the Heart Transplant list.
  • Prayer for Cheri, the Bragole's Sister-in-law who has stage 4 lung cancer
  • Caleb Pratt, Gary Shaw, Steven Gonzalez, Hoss Pratt, Vern HankinsIII, , and Ryan Hoskins, all serving in the military.
  • On going prayer for health issues, Richard Gajefski, John Burton, Jim Murdock and Bill Dobson and Del McMinn.